Sunday, July 3, 2011

China Glaze - Tree Hugger and Color Club - Object of Envy

Sorry it's been so long since my last post! The past week has been rough and bumpy nail-wise, to say the least. In the matter of a few days I managed to crack 2 nails pretty severely. Thankfully I got them fixed with Orly Nail Rescue, which I'll be reviewing shortly, but that left me with hands as such: 3 nails with patches, 2 nails cut to nubbins and growing out (my thumbnails, which I was wearing fakes over), and only 5 good nails between both hands. It was getting rough. This past Friday I was having breakfast with a friend at Waffle House and as I got out of his car and closed the door, I smacked my hand on something and SNAP! Lost my left pinky nail all the way to the base. It was one of the patched nails so it was already weak, it didn't hurt at all thankfully. So I came home and snipped them all down with only the slightest bit of free edge surviving. It really sucks but that's life, hm? I'm certainly not a fan of having short nails because they make my fingers look stumpy but they do offer some advantages! You don't have to worry about gunk getting under there, you can wear sheer colors, and keypads aren't a pain to press.

So here are my new nubbin nails. I kept on the color I had when they broke because it's really pretty! The friend I ate breakfast with said it reminded him of a granny smith apple and I think he's absolutely right. Tree Hugger is a fresh, lovely green with pearly light green shimmer running through it that really does remind me of a granny smith apple's skin. It applied really smoothly in 3 thin coats.

Click to enlarge.

When I took off my fake thumbnails (don't worry, no nail glue, just stick-on pads) I decided to do accent thumbs in Color Club's Object of Envy. I've showed this briefly before in a pedicure but here it is on my thumb. I wish this picture was better, sorry! Object of Envy is a nice emerald green glitter that mixes small and large pieces for a more multidimensional shine. Unfortunately for good coverage it took me about 4 coats, even when I made sure to grab gobs of glitter on the brush. It certainly is nice and glittery though!

Click to enlarge.

I hope I don't offend any of my short nailed friends out there, I think a lot of people have really cute nubbins but it just doesn't work for me! What other benefits to short nails are there? Let me know in the comments, I'd like to hear your ideas for how to maximize these minis. :)

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  1. Ouch! :S

    I think I always wear nails that are about the same length as your here.


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