Saturday, July 9, 2011

Essie - Smooth Sailing

Hello everyone! Sorry for the late update, there hasn't been much sun here the past few days so I couldn't take any photos. Florida went from the Sunshine State to the Torrential Downpour State this week. I finally got some sun while I was out running errands so here you go. This photo unfortunately doesn't show off the veeeery subtle pink and blue shimmer in Smooth Sailing but it does show the pretty, almost speckled finish it has. It kind of reminds me of light wash denim. This was a real joy to put on, it covered evenly and fully in 2 coats.

Click to enlarge.

I have a question about my photos for you all. I see other bloggers taking their photos while holding the polish bottle in their hand to show you the bottle color and color on the nail simultaneously. What do you think of that? Would it benefit you if I took my photos in that manner? Please let me know!

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