Saturday, July 23, 2011

Orly - Lemonade

I am SO VERY HAPPY to bring you this post today! This color satisfies a long-time desire of mine: an opaque and easily applied pastel yellow. Both pastels and yellows are noted for being difficult, so when you combine the two you generally get disaster. This was true for the first pastel yellow I tried, Sinful Colors' Unicorn. Streaky mess. I looked around on the internet for a good while and found some contenders. I picked this polish up at the store the other day and came home to put it on with some trepidation. Heck, I was even getting angry in advance expecting it to apply awfully. The first, very thin, coat was somewhat streaky but not too terrible. I decided to do a rather thick second coat after waiting about 5 minutes to prevent the first layer from dragging and SUCCESS! That's what you see here, pure buttery sunshine perfection. I really sort of don't want to take it off but I will, of course. At least I know I have a little bottle of pretty pastel yellow waiting for me. :)

Click to enlarge.

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