Wednesday, July 20, 2011

China Glaze - Towel Boy Toy

Hi everyone! Today's update is a great summery color. Towel Boy Toy is a bright aqua-ish neon with pretty blue shimmer. Looking at this polish makes me think it would taste like blue raspberry. It's a really pretty color but I was sort of dismayed when the first coat went on streaky and thin and dried matte. Why? It clued me in to it being a neon! Neons are notorious for being thin, streaky, and drying to a matte finish. This was definitely thin, requiring 4 coats to get what you see here, and somewhat streaky, and it did dry to a semi-matte finish. However, it wasn't terrible, just unexpected! Overall this is a good polish, it definitely feels bright, summery, and fresh. Please note that this is slightly greener in real life, my camera didn't quite pick that up.

Click to enlarge.

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