Wednesday, July 6, 2011

OPI - Hawaiian Orchid

If you're looking for a nice, traditional color with a little kick, then Hawaiian Orchid is for you. It's a semi-sheer salmon pink with a beautiful blue flash that shows up in the sun. The picture you see here is 3 coats and I figure it'd need at least one or two more to be fully opaque so keep that in mind. It went on really smoothly so I have no complaints there. It's a nice enough color but I hate having visible nail so this is going to be put up for swap on MakeupAlley. You can find me there as sqrrlgrl if you want to see what polishes I have to trade!

Click to enlarge.

I'm still getting used to having short nails but there are some definite advantages I'm seeing. I don't have to worry about banging them on anything or getting caught, for one! I was able to eat juicy, messy ribs yesterday without worrying too much about what got under my nails, too. I still can't wait for them to grow back out to the length I prefer but for now, I think I can handle this. :)


  1. Hey! Thanks for your tag - I finally got some time to fill it out! This Hawaiian Orchid is beautiful!

  2. Hooray, I look forward to reading it! And thanks, it is rather pretty. :)


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