Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sinful Colors - Innocent

Hello! I've got a new favorite to show you today. Sinful Colors make up almost a whole drawer on their own in my collection for a good reason, they have great colors and pretty good formula for really cheap. I love greens so I had to get Innocent when I saw it. It's a very interesting color.. very yellow, slightly murky. I think dirty chartreuse is the best way to describe it. It's certainly bright! The formula is a jelly-creme, meaning it can get streaky on you if your coats are very thin. I did one thin coat and then one thick coat on top. Since the formula is on the thin side, the thick coat did run into my cuticles a little bit but I always do cleanup anyways, so it wasn't a big deal. It evened out nicely with a great shine that only got glossier when I added topcoat. I really love these slightly unusual colors and I'm glad that Sinful Colors is there to bring some diversity to the drugstore nail polish range.

Click to enlarge.

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