Saturday, August 20, 2011

China Glaze - Peace on Earth

Hello everyone! It's the time of year when summer starts winding down and everyone heads back to 'real life'. I'm about to begin my next year of school so I thought I'd pick a polish that somewhat represents my school's colors, green and gold. China Glaze's Peace on Earth is a Christmas color from last year that I got in a MUA swap. It's a really pretty olive color full of gold shimmer that runs through it like little rivers. It is somewhat similar to Nina Ultra Pro's Mossy Britches but MB is a little darker and dustier. PoE applied really smoothly in two coats and has held up well through all the packing and moving that comes with heading back to school. The tipwear you see here is after about 5 days of wear including lots of packing and lifting and hauling, so it looks great!

Click to enlarge.

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