Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sinful Colors - Last Chance

I'm back! Today's swatch is a new color from Sinful Colors called Last Chance. Sinful doesn't seem to come out with new colors too often so it's exciting when they do. This is a great example of their polish. It's a beautiful deep hunter green that could honestly go on in one coat if you were very careful. I was surprised at how pigmented it was. If you like greens I'd highly recommend this color. I'm happy to have this because a lot of deep dark greens are so dark that they become black, like OPI's Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow or the famous NARS Zulu. This is dark but still definitely green.

Click to enlarge.


  1. Nice!!!!
    Not as dark as that NYC green, either!

  2. Thanks! What NYC green do you mean? If it's super-dark I probably won't get it but I'm curious anyways. :)


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