Thursday, March 24, 2011

Essie - Topless & Barefoot

Hello everyone! Today I have another current polish for you, this time a new release from Essie. It's called Topless & Barefoot. Essie was recently purchased by, I think, L'Oreal and so their distribution has widened to Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and other big chain stores. I picked this up at my local Walgreens. It's a nice beige that has a hint of pink in it to keep it from clashing with my skin. Many other beige colors are slightly yellow or brown and look gross on my nails. My only complaint with this polish is the formula. It's what I'd call a jelly-creme, meaning it has properties of both jelly and creme polishes. It's shiny like a jelly and has the pigmentation of a creme, which is good but can have its downsides. Some jelly-creme polishes, like this one, can go on a little streaky but then even out and settle down. They can also cling to the nail and show off ridges. Overall I'd say it's a nice enough shade if you can overlook those things. If you want to learn more about nail polish finishes, click here for a great reference.

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