Sunday, March 6, 2011

Color Club - Tangerine Scream

Hello there! Finally back with another swatch for you. This is Color Club's Tangerine Scream, released as part of their Summer 2009 Electro Candy collection. I have the whole set, so expect to see them all here sooner or later. This is a great color with a really cool blue-white shimmer that kinda shows up here. It's like most neons, kinda sheer, so I think this was 3 or 4 coats. Worth it though. Oh, and my pinky nail is stubby because I had a little break on Friday.. Sad, but at least I didn't lose the whole nail!

Click to enlarge.


  1. That is pretty - is it a straight up neon orange or is it a little 'pinked'? I like the sheen. Doest it tend to do the moire thing along the path of the brush strokes?

  2. It's definitely a straight up neon orange. As for the moire thing, I'm not sure how to answer that! What do you mean? :)

  3. Okay, moire fabric looks like this:

    If you think about some of the nailpolishes that form a pattern from the brushstrokes that's sort of what I'm talking about. I think it happens most with the sort of pearlescent ones - they make this stripe/swirl pattern even though they dry without ridges or any of that.

  4. Ah ha! I understand now. In polish it's generally called a frost finish. Some people love it, some people hate it. This definitely doesn't have that, it just looks plain neon orange until you get it in sunlight, then the shimmer pops out! Here's a good chart that shows all the different kinds of polish finishes.

  5. wow! eye catching color and I still can't get over how perfect your hands and nails are.

    Reminds me of some fabric I bought one time - looked a nice bright peach color in the store but when I got it home and saw it in natural light it was almost the color of your polish. I went ahead and sewed a skirt and top anyway and always felt cheerful when I wore it.

  6. It is quite the eye-catcher, yes! And thank you so much, I do my best. I might look sloppy otherwise but doggone it, my nails will look nice.

    That sounds like a perfect outfit! I like bright and loud things. :)


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