Monday, March 28, 2011

MakeupAlley Fun and New Readers

So I joined MUA a little while ago and I've really been enjoying the site. It's fun to read the different boards but my favorite thing to do is swap! You list your items, then people contact you with items to exchange. It's a really great way to get rid of products you don't use or don't like and get ones that you want. I just listed a whole bunch of things on there, you can find me on there as sqrrlgrl. You'll need to make an account but it's well worth it in my opinion. The site is

I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who's been reading, following, and subscribing to my RSS feed. Apparently I have 40 people who follow me through the RSS feed.. WOW! I never would have expected it. Thanks so much, everyone. And remember to follow me through Google Friend Connect if you can, once I have 50 followers on there I'll have my very first giveaway!


  1. I recently joined MUA too :) Haven't done any swaps yet though, it's hard to decide what polishes I'd want to get rid of, I'm too much of a pack rat!

  2. Haha! It's understandable. I'm only swapping away ones I just simply know I'll never touch again.


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