Saturday, April 30, 2011

Space Nails!

So if you've been paying attention to the US space program lately, you'd know that yesterday was the attempted launch of STS-134, Endeavour's last flight. I was there! Unfortunately the launch was canceled due to some mechanical problems, but I'm hoping I can make whatever the rescheduled flight date will be. In my excitement for the launch I did these space-themed nails. I started with 2 coats of Zoya Raven (black with faint silver shimmer), then used 1 coat of Nicole by OPI Let's Get Star-ted (clear base with big holo glitter and purple stars), 1 coat of Nicole by OPI Pitch-Black Glimmer (black glitter with micro silver and holo glitter) and 1 coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust (clear base with holo glitter). I wanted something shimmery with depth that represented the tons and tons of stars in the sky and I think I got it! If I were to do it again I wouldn't use the Fairy Dust, it adds a little too much rainbow to it and obscures the stars more than I'd like.

Click to enlarge.


  1. These looked great in person and I'd be excited to see what you do with them for a re-launch or for STS-135. It's really incredible how people can incorporate their interests into their fingernails, it's an art form I'd have never noticed if not for you & this blog.

  2. Thanks so much! I'm not sure what to do for the next time but I'll see what comes to mind. I'm happy that you've discovered something new. Art is everywhere and in all forms. :)

  3. looking good :) i hope you can go back for the relaunch!

    shel xx

  4. Thanks ladies! I have my fingers crossed that I can see it.

  5. beautiful nails, decorative and full of imagination


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