Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nicole by OPI - Sea How Far You Go

Sea How Far You Go is a great, great shade recently released by Nicole by OPI. It's an olive gold or old gold, really wonderful color. It's somewhat similar to Zoya Jules, but Jules has a taupe base with gold shimmer while SHFYG is olive gold with gold shimmer. Jules reminds me more of a golden oyster and SHYFG is more of, well.. old gold! This was 3 coats.

Click to enlarge.


  1. Haven't commented in a while! I really like this one, even though I don't look good in gold - or olive for that matter. Looks good on your hands, though! I have the same curling corners problem, so I have almond-shaped nails too. I think it's just more practical considering what a klutz I am - I'm less likely to put out an eye with the darned things!

  2. You should really post about the "space" nails you did for the attempted sts-134 launch!

  3. Melissa: Wondered where you were! Thanks for the compliment. :) I really like the rounded nails too, I'm a klutz as well so it does definitely help.

    Nicholas: I'm on it!


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