Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sinful Colors - Boogie Nights

So I love/hate the name of this polish.. It's so fitting but it got the song stuck in my head! Oh well. Boogie Nights is a beautiful orange-y coral that still has just enough pink in it to keep it looking good on me. When I first applied it, it made me think of melon candy. It's a jelly-creme finish that leans more jelly which you can see here by my visible nail line after 3 coats. Normally VNL would bother me a lot but I love this color so much I'm willing to give it a pass. It's perfectly summery and super glossy! I filed my nails down into a rounded almond shape since my nails tend to curl a lot when they grow long and the corners will break if you look at them. So I figured, hey.. no corners, no breaks! It's worked out great so far. Can you tell any difference?

Click to enlarge.

Let me pick your brains for a second.. Would you like to see what things I'm gathering for a 50 follower giveaway as I pick them up, or should it stay a surprise until I hit that number? I'm ITCHING to do a giveaway but haven't quite got the numbers yet! Perhaps it'd be motivation? :) I'll tell you a little secret about it, there's two hard-to-find polishes in the prize bucket as of right now..


  1. I read somewhere that corals are going to be one of spring's hot colors for nails; this shade looks very on trend. I think coral is classic, myself.

  2. Yeah, I've heard that coral and honeysuckle are super-hot! I've always loved the look of coral but worried it'd look too warm on me. I agree, it's a classic. :)

  3. This makes me want to stop biting my nails. I'm also commenting, which is rare because I'm super lazyyyyy. It's a pretty color!

  4. You totally should! It took painting my nails regularly to get me to break the biting.


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