Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Three Dollars a Day: Could you do it?

This will be a non-polish post so if you're not interested, feel free to skip this one! With that said, I'd like to get up on my tiny soap box and let you all know about a very interesting and worthwhile project that's in the works. My good friend Nick is resurrecting his Three Dollars a Day project at http://threedollarsaday.blogspot.com in the month of June but is setting the groundwork for it now. The blog will be a chronicle of his experience living on the very real food budget that many US citizens face: three dollars a day. Can you imagine living on that? I bet a lot of people spend more on coffee in the morning. Not only will he limit his food budget but he'll transport himself as someone without the money to pay high gas prices or unexpected car bills would, by public transportation or his own two feet. The blog will cover his own experiences day to day as well as touching on topics related to poverty, hunger, and the system that has created this situation for the people who live like this day to day. I think so many of us take for granted the ability to go to the grocery store and load up our carts with little concern for the prices on what we buy or the ability to go out for a nice meal with friends. So please, if you want to learn more and maybe find out how to help, go follow him and support the project.

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