Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nicole by OPI - Shell Me The Truth

This polish is a recent release from Nicole by OPI and I believe it's only available at Target. I reviewed another polish from this collection a few weeks ago, Sea How Far You Go. These are both really great and I might look at getting some more colors before they disappear. Shell Me The Truth is a beautiful cotton-candy pink that is positively loaded with gold shimmer. This really looks and acts like a foil polish, it's so shiny! It does remind me of the pink-gold iridescence you see inside of seashells sometimes. My only complaint is that this took me 4 coats but if you have shorter nails then you won't need to apply as much to avoid your nail peeking through. Click the pictures to enlarge.

Here's a good shot of what the base color looks like without the shimmer showing off.

I told you it was something, didn't I?

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