Sunday, April 22, 2012

Zoya - Adina

Hello everyone! Today's polish is a definite oddball.. in a good way. I've never seen anything like it! After wearing such a traditional color like my last post, you know I had to put on something a little wild. :) Adina definitely fits the bill! It's a super-flashy purple/green duochrome that makes me think of space and beetles and those really cool custom cars with duochrome paint. The purple base is a little more reddish than it shows here but the green is just about spot on! It looks so cool in both bright sun and low light. Since it's a duochrome, the formula is a little thinner but no problem at all. This was three quick coats. I bet it would look awesome over black! Please excuse the tipwear, I apparently had a bit of shrinking with this.

Click to enlarge.

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