Thursday, December 1, 2011

Updated Collection and Favorite Products!

So it's been a good long while since I've shown you my polish and talked about my favorite products. I especially want to do the latter since I've been using a new top coat that I'm happy with. You can see my old collection here and my old favorites here.

Here's my storage as of now. I have added two more drawers, bringing the total to 6.

This is how it normally looks. I thought about tidying up but, well.. I want you to see how I keep things! I believe in personality. :)

Top left drawer: Orlys, Finger Paints, Sally Hansens, and all the miscellaneous brands.

Bottom left drawer: Essies, Color Clubs, and Zoyas. You can tell I loooove my Zoya.

Top middle drawer: Tools and other things.

Bottom middle drawer: OPI and China Glaze.

Top right drawer: Sinful Colors. This used to be a full drawer until my recent purge.

Bottom right drawer: Nicole by OPI and Sephora by OPI. Again, used to be full until recent purge.

Here we have my favorites! The buffer block and Hard as Hoof cream are still in there and always will be. Tried and true. I'd like to take the time to introduce you to Color Club Vivid topcoat on the left and Essie Feed Me base coat on the right. Let's start with Feed Me. It's got a thin consistency and applies nicely, drying fairly quickly to a somewhat tacky finish. What I love about it is that it doesn't need as much thinning as the Borghese Hydrati did and it is chock full of oils that have helped with my dry, brittle nails. My polish lasts like iron with this too. Thumbs up. Vivid is a great topcoat that I originally got in my box set of the Electro Candy colors. It's supposed to make your polish look brighter but I don't really notice it. What I do notice is the smooth texture, easy application, glassy finish, and lightning quick dry time. It does need thinning like many other quick dry top coats but the nice thing is that it doesn't take a special thinner like Seche Vite does! You can use regular thinner and do just fine. 

So that's the news for now. I'm pretty happy with my routine now but if anything changes in the future I'll be sure to let you know. :)


  1. I believe in personality, too. :) Thanks for the peek at your stash--I love seeing stuff like this!

  2. Wow, great stash! I am jealous of all the Zoya!! :)

  3. Love stash posts! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love your stash! It really is quite neat!

  5. I like that! Why make it all picture-perfect and show off something/someone you're not! Very nice! I see a Sinful blue in there that looks especially beautiful! =P

  6. you have so many zoyas! I am very jealous :)

  7. So glad to hear you are trying our HARD AS HOOF product!! Its our top seller and we love to hear people are ranting and raving about how well it works!!!

    Please like our Facebook page!! we have a ton of new products coming out this year and have already started working on a new make up and nail line for next year!!!

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