Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Collection

First of all, hello to all my new readers! Thank you so much for coming to my little corner and helping me not feel like I'm posting to thin air. :) I will have a new swatch on Tuesday, but I wanted to do a post today so I'm going to show you how I store and organize my polish. If you want to see these or any of my other pictures in a larger size, just click on them.

These are my drawers on my dresser. They are each about the size of a large shoebox. Sitting on top is my Hoof Hands moisturizer, some Bare Minerals makeup I got from my mom for Christmas (thank you!), Q-Tips, my Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol 3, and my Benefit Brow Zings. I don't wear makeup often, but I do keep some things on hand. I might do some makeup swatching in the future.

Top left drawer, from back to front: China Glaze, Orly, Sally Hansen, OPI, and miscellaneous brands that only have one or two bottles each.

Bottom left, from back to front: Essie, Color Club (if you're looking for neon, they make some great ones!), Zoya, Pure Ice, Hard Candy, and Sinful Colors.

Bottom right, from back to front: Nicole by OPI, Sephora by OPI.

Top right: The Drawer of Messiness. :) This has a bunch of base coats, topcoats, treatments, and tools as well as nail art supplies. That polish sitting on top is OPI's Absolutely Alice, something I plan on giving away in the future once I have enough readers. 

There are a few polishes that live outside of these drawers but it's pretty well-contained. I may get new drawers soon because to get polishes that are all the way in the back, I have to squeeeeak my hand past all the other bottles and hope I don't knock anything over. So, readers, how do you store yours?


  1. I store mine in stacking latch-together boxes. They come in sets of two with one lid and I can arrange them in a row or a stack. Rows are better in terms of getting at my stuff, stacks with the lids put aside are better in terms of taking up a smaller 'footprint' on valuable horizontal surface real estate. So I'm in just as much a quandry!

    I'd like a better solution, too. I *have* found that those scunci drawer organizers can be handy for keeping nail polishes together and upright despite jostling when reaching for other polishes. I had been thinking about the Scrapbook organizing multi-drawer cart from Joann's, but I'm not sure the drawers are tall enough for nail polish. I do like the nail salon furniture I got at a yard sale and they have more at Sally's (obviously), but I like the price from the yard sale much better! *grin*

  2. It's always a dilemma! I have heard good things about IKEA's Helmer drawers from lots of other nail bloggers, so I might pick one up sometime:

  3. Those do look good - and I like the color! *grin* VT needs an IKEA. *sigh*


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