Friday, December 16, 2011

OPI - Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

Hello everyone! Still on schedule. Let's hope this keeps going. :) This polish seems good and wintery to me. Grey always makes me think of winter. It's a very shimmery charcoal color that makes me think of wet asphalt. I was a little disappointed because in the bottle, there are cool flecks of pink and green shimmer that I just don't see on the nail. I won't complain too much, though. It's still really pretty. The formula was thinner than expected, needing 3 coats, but it applied well and wasn't a pain to clean up like some of these shimmery or flecked polishes can be. You know how sometimes you'll clean up and the shimmer will just stick? Yeah. It didn't do that, thankfully. Overall, thumbs up from me. I'm pleased that my nails are growing out slowly but surely. My final length for the near future will be just slightly longer than this. I liked having the long talons that I once did (see my posts in June for those) but they required a lot of caution and maintenance.

Click to enlarge.


  1. I love this color. It was one of the first I bought when I started getting nail polish obsessed.

  2. Still red here, but a Zoya red. :c) Thanks for the heads-up about them! I also have little white stamped-on snowflakes, but I don't like the way the regular white nail polish is just sort of transparent - does the 'special' nail-art-stamping nail polish actually go on more opaque or is that hooey?

  3. Melissa: You're welcome! I really like Zoya and they certainly have lots of great reds. As for stamping, yes, the special stamping polish definitely makes a difference in my opinion. There are lots of regular polishes that give decent results but the special ones are more reliable.


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