Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Orly - It's Not Rocket Science

Hello everyone! Today's polish is another selection from last year's  Cosmic FX collection by Orly. I've showed you one of its polishes before, Galaxy Girl. It's Not Rocket Science gets lots of points for being green, sparkly, and having a funny name. :) It's a unique green in my collection because the base color is a sort of swampy yellow-brown green but it's full of green (and possibly gold?) shimmer that sparkles like crazy. I've heard some people describe it as ugly-pretty and I guess I would agree. I've also heard that it's similar to China Glaze Zombie Zest but I don't own it to make the comparison, so have a look around on other sites if you're curious. If I recall correctly, this was two coats and applied smoothly. I was happy it only took two coats because some of these flecked/shimmery polishes can be pretty sheer and I don't always have the patience for that.

Click to enlarge.

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