Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sinful Colors - Merlot

Hey everyone! I've got a great Fall swatch for you today. Sinful Colors' Merlot is, as its name would suggest, a deep lush red reminiscent of wine. Though I don't wear reds often, this is my favorite type: deep, slightly smoky, eye-catching without being bright. Merlot reminds me somewhat of another great red, Zoya Blair. These reds just scream Fall to me. Sinful Colors polishes can definitely be all over the board when it comes to pigmentation and formula, but I think every brand runs into that. Merlot was mostly opaque in two coats but I did a third to give it more depth. It was very smooth although slightly runny, so be prepared to spend some time doing cleanup. One of the things I like about this polish is that it reminds me of something my grandmother would wear. Her nails are the first I can remember being fascinated with. For the longest time she wore glue-on nails but now she goes to the salon for acrylics. I personally prefer natural nails but I always smile when I see the deep reds like this that she loves so much.

Click to enlarge.


  1. I *love* that color. *grin* You knew I would, right? Love, love, *LOVE* that color. Right now I'm wearing Curator's Crimson from FingerPaints, but that's definitely looking like a promising next color.

  2. Like you say, great for fall! You're right about a lot of brands being inconsistent--some colors well behaved, some not.

  3. Biba: It is, isn't it! Very lush and rich.

    Melissa: Yes, I suspected you might like it. :)

    Karen: Yeah, I've heard a lot of criticism specifically leveraged at Sinful Colors but I think it's unfair to pick on them when you see a lot of brands with wildly varying formulas.


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