Monday, February 27, 2012

Support Independent Filmmakers!

Hi everyone! This is a non-nail post, just a heads up. It is very close to my heart though. There's a documentary being produced called Circle the Wagen that chronicles two guys on a roadtrip in a '72 VW bus and their experiences with the vintage VW culture along the way. It looks like a really nice, interesting film & I'd love to see it get finished. As you may or may not know, I own a '70 bus myself and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. I've had countless breakdowns, problems, high repair bills, and sweaty summers in her un-air-conditioned interior but I still love Marianne with all my heart. There's nothing like cruising down an open road on a nice, breezy day with the engine purring away or curling up on the bed at night in some peaceful park. That's why I'm so excited for this project! The vintage VW community really is full of kind, wonderful people and I think it's great that this movie will show this culture to the mainstream.

Marianne at a car show a few years ago.

The producers are asking for funding from people through a website called Kickstarter, where people can donate to help projects, like this movie, get made. The only problem is that if they don't reach their goal by the end date they've set, they don't get any of the money they've raised.. even if they're $5 short. As of this writing, they need just under $2000 in the next 2 days to make their goal. I know this might not interest a lot of you, but if you love documentaries as much as I do and maybe have fond memories of old VWs, please consider donating! The link to their Kickstarter site can be found here:

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