Tuesday, November 15, 2011

China Glaze - Emerald Fitzgerald

Hello everyone! Sorry I'm so late with this post. I've been snapping photos of this polish in all different light and can't get it to come through, so I figured I'd give you the best I can. Emerald Fitzgerald is a lush, deep shimmery green. It looks almost black in the bottle but lightens up slightly on the nails. However, it becomes a pain to photograph because under most light it ends up looking blue on camera when it's really more of a dark foresty color. Sigh. I did the best I could here. This is in partial sunlight coming through my window. The formula is great, like most China Glazes. 2 quick coats and I was done. Hooray! It did stain a little when I did cleanup though, but I can understand that since it's dark and well-pigmented.

Click to enlarge.


  1. I left this behind at the nail supply store. I think I'll go back for it right away! Looks great on you.


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