Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sinful Colors - San Francisco

Hello there! This is my green polish for the week to help promote depression awareness. Sinful Colors is a brand that doesn't get enough press, in my opinion. They make a lot of great colors that get overlooked. San Francisco is no exception. It's a bright shimmery true green that I think would be great for the holidays. It looks slightly deeper in the bottle and I can tell you why. SF is unfortunately rather sheer, needing 4 coats to get this level of opacity with slight VNL under bright light. Despite this, it applied well with no dragging or streaking. I rarely have patience for anything over 3 coats but I'm willing to do it for a great color. While SF isn't the most unique shade, I still like it.

Click to enlarge.

I took this photo indoors under a new fluorescent bulb I bought for my floor lamp that claims to have a similar 'light temperature' to sunlight, meaning it is supposed to show things as if they were in sunlight. What do you think? Is this just as good or better than my normal outdoors swatches? Since winter's coming, I may not always catch the sun in time to get a photo so I'd like to have a backup system.


  1. Such a pretty green! I think your picture looks good.

  2. I have this shade, it's really very lovely but I had to buy two bottles of it because the first one for some reason wouldn't ever dry completely.

    Randomly stumbled across your blog, good stuff. Do you have a tumblr or Twitter or anything?

  3. I don't have a Tumblr and I do have a Twitter but I don't really tweet anything nail-related on there. I'm not giving it out at this time but may do so in the future or make a blog Twitter. :)


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