Monday, April 30, 2012

Color Club - Worth the Risque

Hello everyone! What a polish I have for you today.. boy! Holos have been in somewhat short supply in the last few years. Apparently the supplies to make them are pretty expensive. :( There has been somewhat of a resurgence now with some great holos by Layla and HITS but they're still pretty darn pricey. I only own a few holos and hoard them a little bit.. can you blame me? Color Club made some great ones a few years ago and I'm trying to collect them all. Worth the Risque is one of these and it's all mine thanks to a kind swapper on MUA. :)

Silver holos are pretty common so the color of this isn't too special but it's the holo effect that makes it so fun and enchanting. It really is like having rainbows on your nails! One of the best things about this is that the holo is fairly strong and the formula isn't bad; some stronger holos need special bases to make sure they apply smoothly. This was two quick coats with no topcoat since some topcoats dull the holo effect. The nice thing about holos is that they generally dry quickly so not having topcoat isn't a big deal. I've had this on for a few days and have noticed something interesting: the polish seems to be rubbing off in places instead of chipping. I've never seen that with any other polish! It's certainly not bad, as you can't see much wear at all in my picture, just interesting.

Click to enlarge.

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